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Our value proposition shortens your path to a market leading position

We provide best-in-class management solutions and practices that help you take your organization beyond expectations.

Make your organization healthier and more agile

Increase effectiveness of transformation programs

Leverage operational and financial performance

We are a management consulting organization with a culture of innovation and value creation based on building an holistic, multidisciplinary and shared vision among stakeholders.


We help you establish intersectoral bridges, define realistic objectives, execute rational strategies, evaluate the impact of transformations and ensure focus on sustained high performance results.

What would your company’s performance look like if it were in the healthiest top quartile?


The healthiest companies generate three times more Total Shareholder Return than the unhealthiest ones.

times more Total Shareholder Return

Average Total Shareholder Return by organizational health development stage

Healthiest Companies (26%)
Regular Companies (16%)
Unhealthiest Companies (9%)

…of financial performance is determined by organizational health

Our management consulting services focus on achieving and sustaining business high performance

We can help your organization achieve internal alignment, execute with excellence and renew itself quicker than your competitors and industry environment.

Corporate Strategy

Business Modelling

Management Practices Scoring

Organizational Health

Project Finance

Risk Management

Change Management

Program and Project Management

Operational Efficiency

Digital Transformation

Information Technology

Information Security

How different would your organization be if management practices highly correlated with performance were improved by 25%, across all departments and business units?


Enhancing the quality of management practices in 25% is equivalent to increase human resources in 25% plus invested capital in 65%.


Quality of management practices



Human resources



Invested capital

Smart indexes give you control over corporate hidden vital signs

To drive your organization towards sustained high performance, you need to know where it stands when compared to best-in-class management practices. As Peter Drucker once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Smart Indexes measure your organization’s vital signs and provide critical insights about management practices with a strong and proven correlation with performance, how it compares with your industry peers, what factors are influencing current state and what improvement actions must be undertaken.

What improvements in your organization would most contribute to leverage performance?


Organizations positioned in the top quartile for each of the following management practice dimensions, have these probability increases of achieving above-median financial performance, when compared to bottom quartile ones.


Culture, climate, motivation and external orientation


Direction and accountability


Capabilities, innovation and learning




Coordination and control

Our approach delivers a proven route to short and long term success

To help you fulfill your mission, we walk closely with you through these holistic five critical milestones.

How is your organization managing transformations to effectively achieve and sustain high performance?


Renowned authors like John Kotter, David Miller, Malcom Higgs, Scott Keller and Ken Blanchard have been saying consistently, over more than two decades, that 70% of transformation initiatives keep failing to deliver expected results. Moreover…

…of all organizations are running transformation programs.
…of transformations fail due to leaders and employees mindsets and behaviors.
…of transformations WITHOUT an holistic approach succeed.
…of transformations WITH an holistic approach succeed.
…of differences in performance between organizations are driven by factors they can control.

Your next small step can be the greatest to your organization

If our message reasons with your aspirations, let’s have a talk to discuss, in greater detail, how we can help your organization effectively achieve sustained high performance.

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